About C-Load
C-Load is a smart cloud service that simplifies customers’ procurements and orders for road, container (sea), and rail transport, making it easier for transport companies to get assignments. C-Load was launched in 2012 and has long been a well-established transport-booking service. The service was originally called Lasset.se and changed name to C-Load on 1st October 2019.

With C-Load, all involved in the procurement/order process have a common location for sharing transport information. Aside from shippers and suppliers, Information is available for other actors in the delivery chain, such as customers, goods recipients, terminals and docks. Transport orders are sent out in order, based on the ranking lists created during the most recent procurement. The quality metrics for recently completed transport orders are then fully available for both parties and provide a basis for future improvement measures.

More than 270 transport companies currently use C-Load, transporting goods daily all over Europe, and also to Asia, Africa, and North America.